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“Obama”— A Hit At Tattoo Parlors

March 31, 2010

 “Obama Mania”  has overtaken an unlikely cross section of the American public.

Tattoo artists are getting requests to etch images of the  president Obama on the arms, ankles, and backs of their customers.

VVME fashion Obama tatoo


VVME Obama tattoo

Brittany Selditch (22 of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, waitress) gets Obama tattoo on the inside lip by artist Guy Ursitti (33).

Obama supporters hit the Dare Devil Tattoo in Lower East Side (174 Ludlow Street) to get Obama tattoos

Today’s Washington Unplugged visits New York tattoo parlors to get to the bottom of the patriotic new trend.

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My Cross tatoo–the new fashion trend of tattoo designs

March 23, 2010

Cross tattoos are the most effective and powerful way to express your love in God.

Cross is typically use to represent Christianity. The Cross tattoo gained the attention of thousands of people from all over the globe and are very popular these days.

Most of the christian folks get cross tattooed to show how much respect they have for their ancient civilization and their religious belief.

There are three different kinds of Christian cross tattoo: Latin cross , Crucifix cross and Celtic cross .

Firstly, the Lation cross is just two intersecting lines

religious tattoo designs

religious tattoos from

The very common Latin cross shape.

Crucifix Cross  consist of Jesus Christ on a wooden cross.

religious tattoo designs

crucifix tattoo designs from Celtic cross is basically the combination of Latin cross with a circle which increases its beauty .premier celtic cross tattoo


All of these three kinds of cross tattoo designs are a kind of a lot work and are very complex.

 One more type of cross tattoo is memorial tattoo. These tattoos are very famous amongst people who have lost their loved ones and want to have a permanent memory of their beloved in the form of tattoo.

In the end , another general type of cross tattoo is  “Gothic Cross“.  These tattoo designs are German consist of a cross put together with thorny wire and stickers.

religious tattoo designs

cool gothic cross tattoo designs

  The Most important thing is to choose which type of cross tattoo , because the process of tattoo removal is very painful and expensive.

 Just Spend some time in finding the right cross tattoo designs  since removal of tattoo is very difficult as stated above. After getting the required design , find some professional tattoo artist who has so much experience in tattoo and owns the premium new tattoo kits to make sure your safety .

Just remember :good quality tattoo kits with professional artists make the perfect tattoo designs.

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new fashion era—tattoo industry

March 23, 2010

why does tattoo industry can boom so fast? 

how much promise do you know about this industry? 

Here, you can see much more about this new fashion era and its promissing future. 

Pictures and materials resourse:

In the mordern and fast-developed world, more and more people like to have dfferent tattoos on some parts of their bodies. 

why does tattoo fashion designs can develop so fast and become one of the most popular fashion industries in the whold world ? 

Firstly, more and more NBA stars like Kobe Bryant prefer stylish tattoo designs like the dragon or tiger or other religious symboles. so that most of their fans will go to make the same tattoos to express their love to their idols. 

Kobe Bryant fashion tattoo images plus its premier tattoo kits 

fashion tattoo designs

premier tattoo kits and designs from


fashion dragon tattoo designs with excellent tattoo kits


cool fashion dragon tattoo designs

professional dragon tattoos from


Moreover, most famous movie stars also like to have sexy tattoos to stand out and show off their personal characters. 

Here , we take some examples and pictures . 

 Sarah Conner in a celebration. 

Sarah Conner fashion tattoo

fashion movie star's tattoo designs from

 Of course , there are still some other reasons for this popularity . someone view it as a tool to release their enthusiasm while someone just persue this fashion trend.

The most important factors for the boom of this new fashion industries lie in the advanced science and technology. with the lunch of the new 10 coil-wraps tattoo guns , it is easier and less painful to have the tattoos on the body. 

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As for the tattoo guns’ quality description 

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     * Light Weight Frame, compact, and easy for use
    * Fits Most Tattoo Disposable Tubes and SS Tubes
    * Low noise, stable performance.

Even though someone still hold suspicious attitude about the safety of tattoo, it cant prevent it from being the most developed new fashion industry in the new era…

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