Report DIY Tattoo Kit Arouse Intense Debate

As tattoos are a more and more popular, celebrities have them, even the prime minister’s wife has one. Withot any doubt, the tattoo is now mainstream culture. But the popularity of this body adornment is also being blamed for another trend – DIY tattooing.

angelian tattooangelian tattoo

Risky? DIY Tattooing Trend

So what is DIY Tattooing. It should be dated back to that days when so many tattoo addicts buy tattoo kits online and do tattooing themselves or tattoo their friends. That is so-called “DIY TATTOOING”.  Without any professional tattooing skills and aftercare for tattoo,many adults end with infection requiring antibiotics while some end with scarring or a trip to corrective tattoo artist to fix the DIY work. The dangerous trend is said to be growing.

DIY tattooing trendDIY tattooing trend

UK public health group, Environmental health group, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, The CIEH, all of such internatiional instution call to ban cheap tattoo kits being sold online cos it leads to so many skin problems and other interactive infection with disease. The group is concerned DIY Tattoo Kits often don’t come with appropriate safety instructions or aftercare advice, which could lead to infections – or even death – if the tattoos are applied wrongly.

The biggest problem is that some tattoo inks being used are not real tattooing ink and many people take a reaction to it. The DIY tattooers do not employ hygienic practices, there are many infections which may be transmitted but perhaps would have no initial indications.

Meantime, some companys stand out to prove their products and clear this kind of ban.It appears with at least eight tattoo parlours in Gilbert, the industry is indeed a trend.

Ke$ha Talks about Giving Homemade DIY Tattoos with a Safety PinKe$ha Talks about Giving Homemade DIY Tattoos with a Safety Pin

They only sells products and inks which have passed safety checks and that all equipment and inks it sells is fully EU certified and compliant. The tattoo needles they sell are sterilised before being blister packed. The company also sells other hygiene and aftercare products to reduce infection risks, and gives aftercare instructions.

The problems lies in some untrained tattoo addicts cos they don’t have any professional tattoo knowledge and skills. They even don’t know how to recognize defective and licenced tattoo kits, what to do after tattooing, how to protect from being infected.


We recommend people to undergo extensive training courses and if possible to learn how to tattoo. So long as the equipment is safe and used responsibly, there should be no problem. Learning how to tattoo, does not have to involve tattooing real skin when starting out. provide professional tattoo kits, fully EU AND ES certified, containing practice skin and learning plate .so much professional knowledge and guide for your reference. It is down to the customer as the responsible adult to use the certified tattoo kit in a responsible way.


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