how to set up liner & shader tattoo gun ?

When tattooing , tattoo artists need to adjust power supply and tattoo needles for liner & shader .  So how to set liner & shader tattoo guns ?

Firstly , you need to know the work principles of tattoo guns.

basic tattoo gun work principle

Firstly, you should assemble the tattoo gun as the table shows above before connecting the tattoo power supply.

The Tattoo Gun  is constructed with two coils. Above the coils is an armature bar that is drawn to the coils when electricity passes through them. The needle is attached to the armature bar and that’s what causes the needle to go up and down.

 Attached to the armature is a front and rear spring. These springs can be varied in thickness to each Tattooist’s preferences.

 The rear spring attaches the armature to the frame of the machine and the front spring rests on the contact screw. This contact screw is what you will be adjusting to determine whether the machine is set up to be a shader or a liner.

 To set up the liner tattoo machine, you need to hold the armature down against the coils. The space between the contact screw and the armature is the length of the stroke. The longer the stroke is, the longer it takes for the tattoo machine to complete the stroke. When you are doing the lines on a tattoo, you want the machine to deliver short, quick strokes so that it will deliver a lot of ink in the shortest amount of time. This will make an unbroken line that stands out.

Here are some liner tattoo guns for reference :

VVME quality 8-wrap coils tattoo gun


 To make the tattoo machine do this, you will need to adjust the contact screw. It can be adjusted by turning the screw with your hand. You don’t need any tools to do this. Screw down the contact screw until the stroke is approximately as long as a dime is wide. This will be a good starting point. With practice you will find where you like it set at.  

To set up the shader tattoo machine, you need to imagine what the shading will look like. The shading should have a misty look to it. To achieve this, you will want the stroke to be longer and slower than what you set up on the liner. Screw the contact screw so that the stroke is about as long as a nickel is wide. This is a good place to start. You may want it wider or narrower.

Here is some shader tattoo gun for reference:

VVME Pro 10- wrap coils tatoo gun

 As you practice and get better at tattooing, you will find what works best for you.

There is once an investigation showing that the Optimum Voltage is 6-8v For Shader & 8-10v For Liner . Anyhow , every experienced tattoo artists  have their own standard about Optimum Voltage for liner and shader..

Pictures and materials resourse :



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